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Hydro Flask is the award-winning global leader in high-performance, vacuum-insulated stainless steel flasks. Founded in 2009 in beautiful Bend, Oregon, the company's mission is to save the world from lukewarm. Using the highest quality 18/8 stainless steel, Hydro Flask food and beverage flasks are pure, stylish, BPA- & toxin-free, recyclable and backed by a lifetime warranty. Hydro Flask strongly believes that great flasks and great causes go hand-in-hand. Through its charitable arm 5% back, consumers can allocate a portion of the net profit of their purchase to a charity they choose.



Nikwax was founded in 1977 by Nick Brown, a keen mountain walker and travelleer who designed his own product - a waterproofing wax to keep his leather mountain boots dry. Subsequently, Nikwax has become the global leader in environmentally safe aftercare and waterproofing solutions that extend the life and performance of technical footwear, clothing and equipment. Nikwax is the only aftercare company to have never used aerosols or PFC (flourocarbons). Nikwax has received numerous prestigious awards including the British Queen's Award for Sustainable Development and is the only outdoor company to have ever received the award. The recent global awareness of serious environmental problems with PFC-based products has stimulated Nikwax to refocus on the development of a "PFC Treatment-Free" industrial standard for outdoor brands and to promote the concept of waterproof directionality internationally, as in "Nikwax Analogy", a fabric system Nick Brown started developing in 1987. This fabric system uses the principle of waterproofing directionality, that is actively moving liquid water, as well as moisture vapour, away from the wearer's body. Nikwax Analogy requires no PFC chemicals to function effectively, nor does it use any membrane technologies. Nikwax' sister company Páramo has adopted this fabric system which has won many awards in Britain for its waterproof jackets. Páramo supplies, amongst others, the British Antarctic Survey.




Páramo is a leading British producer of high performance outdoor clothing and was started up in 1992 by Nick Brown, founder of the renowned waterproofing manufacturer Nikwax. Páramo uses the unique directional Nikwax fabrics which offer superior moisture management for a wide range of outdoor activities. The innovative Nikwax Analogy Waterproof material does not rely on hazardous PFC-treatments and offer a high performance alternative to conventional waterproof membrane fabrics. Páramo combines intelligent design and functional details to offer optimum weather protection and high comfort even in the harshest conditions. All Páramo products are rigorously tested and recommended by outdoor athletes and professionals. As a result, Páramo has become a leading clothing of choice for Mountain Rescue Teams and expedition workforces such as the British Antartic Survey. All Páramo waterproof garments in the European range are strictly 100% PFC-free. Production of Páramo is based at the Miqueline Foundation in Colombia which helps socially disadvantaged women create a better life for themselves and their families. Furthermore, all Páramo garments are 100% recyclable through the Páramo Recycling Scheme.