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What is sustainability to you? To me, it goes far beyond environmental responsibility. I started to ask myself every day: “What actions can I take today to create greater futures (yes, with an "s") beyond the obvious - benevolent futures for the Earth, for the people we live and work with, for ourselves? Now is the time for sustainability done different.

My professional career started in five-star luxury hotel management. However, it was my love for nature that soon after steered me towards the outdoor & sports industry – with an eye for innovative global leaders creating radical changes.

In over 30 years of brand development, product management and commerce, I learned from powerful industry mavericks and crazy rebels, from true visionaries with clear values and a strong sustainable & ethical "why".

Be the difference that makes change possible!

What greater futures beyond the obvious could "Sustainability Done Different" create for your business, for your relationships, for your life? 

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Every choice you make shows you a different possibility, expanding your life and the capacity for even more choice. Are you ready to choose?

Sustainability Done Different

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